15,000 And Up Combo And Show! The Wolrd's Biggest Adhesive and Sticker Collage.

15,000 AND UP:

“15,000 AND UP” is a project in which the goal is to collect 15,000 or more stickers from artists from all over the world. Once the goal is accomplished, all of the adhesives and stickers will be transported to Russia, Barnaul. Then a large sticker collage will be made out of all the stickers, which will make the world's biggest sticker collage/ combo.

Over the next few months, I will try to collect 15,000 or more stickers from artists across the world. All the stickers and adhesives that I will receive will only be used for the combo, which will be displayed in the show. The show will be held in Russia, Barnaul. There, I and a few other artists will make one combo out off all the stickers on various boards, which will be combined to make one big piece. The exhibition of the sticker collage will be displayed for about a week at the Listed Location. After the exhibition of the collage is over, the collage will be held at that location for one more week, for people who stop by, or people who missed the show to see. After that, the collage will be taken apart (the boards will be disconnected) and it will be taken to the streets of Barnaul, and installed in a random location permanently.

From there on, the world's biggest sticker collage/ combo will peacefully rest in the streets of a big Russian city. It will be installed there for people to see it and notice what is surrounds them. The collage will last its purpose in the open streets until the last sticker rusts off.